Participating folk groups 2023


AMA-ZEBRA (Folk Dance Group) is a member of the Association of Traditional Fairs of South Africa (SATFA), Federation of International Dance Festivals of South Africa (FIDAF-SA), also affiliated to International Organizations of Folklore and Folk Art Festivals (CIOFF) and International Folk Art Organization (IOV)® the National Structures of South Africa were inaugurated the year in which South Africa obtained the first democratic government headed by President Nelson Mandela and also held for its INAUGURATION. In recent years, this folk dance group has provided opportunities for young South Africans pursuing creative arts ranging from entry-level to professional excellence. The Group has more than 35 artists under the direction of George Oliphant, who is also President of South Africa's Federation of International Dance Festivals (FIDAF-SA), South Africa's CIOFF organizations, is a multi-talented artist with many championships under his belt, originating in Mamelodi Township in Gauteng Province, Pretoria and moving to the northern region of Durban KwaMashu Township. The group is from Ntuzuma and has members who also come from neighboring townships in the Kingdom of Kwa Zulu-Natal. Representing South Africa, MAZEBRA has participated in Theaters, Festivals, Competitions in all European countries such as: United Kingdom: Portugal: Spain: Hungary: Italy: Germany: Taiwan: France: Slovakia: Croatia: United States of America and South Korea.

This vibrant show showcases a kaleidoscope of dynamic South African traditions of Nguni dances, particularly isiZulu, the company's incredible voices, with their brilliant harmony have delighted audiences around the world. The powerful and splendid traditional dance sequences, accompanied by traditional 'pulsating' African Seven Drums and a Jembe as the main drum, guarantees to celebrate any enraptured audience. This show offers exceptional entertainment for the whole family with fun audience participation to make any event a truly memorable experience. In addition to our dynamic Showcase Performances festivals of vibrant cultural songs and dances, we also have a wide range of music, indigenous games and dance workshops for both children and adults. AMA-ZEBRA Folklore Dance Group prepared a powerful educational entertainment experience that, through its Cultural Unique application of performance and workshops, successfully created opportunities for community cohesion, awareness of cultural diversity.