Participating folk groups 2023


The Tungurahua Folk Group, since 1970 has never fainted in its work of spreading traditional art successfully in the most important forums in the world, 22 tours to Europe, thousands of kilometers traveled, hundreds of spectators who have vibrated with their art, thousands of stages hundreds of personalities invited to their concerts, visiting: Qatar, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Germany, England; in America: USA, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil and the entire Ecuadorian territory. At present, the Tungurahua Group is a heritage reference decorated by the Municipality of Ambato, the National Congress, the National Assembly, the House of Ecuadorian Culture and multiple International Organizations.

It is committed to the interests of the recovery, promotion and dissemination of the highest values of tradition and folkloric culture of the peoples of the world. The art of the Tungurahua Group is a living art, a permanent museum of exhibition of culture, tradition, joy and beauty of the man and woman tungurahuense and ambateña, is a heritage that from this terroir is exposed to the world.

Awarded with the Cultural Merit Award by the National Assembly of Ecuador 2020, this project for 52 YEARS leaves us deeply satisfied because we have come to conclude that folklore applied to dance, music and choreography restores the knowledge, wisdom and sensitivity of the Homeland. That is why the Tungurahua Group is already in the world concert as a Sample and Testimony of Ecuadorian Culture.