Participating folk groups 2023


The life of Raíces de Aragón begins, on the initiative of its founder, choreographer and director, Ángel Martínez Quesada: champion of Aragón three consecutive years (1968, 1969 and 1970), certified choreographer and full member of the International Dance Council.

Choreographer of the official anthem of the opening of the International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008, televised throughout the world, Choreographies of the institutional event organized by the Government of Aragon and Gran Gala de la Jota, held at the Palacio de Congresos de la Expo 2008 and more recently the choreographies of the shows “Xotares” and “Mudanzas en Tiempo de Jota”.

Raíces de Aragón was created in 1977 with great figures of our folklore, immediately achieving a commendable diffusion of them at the national and international level.

Raíces de Aragón has contributed two long-plays to the Aragonese discography, recorded in 1978 and 1983, with 15 and 20 popular Aragonese songs. Since then, and to date, it has been very active in compiling old music, songs and dances, and in creating new choreographies. Raíces de Aragón has contributed to enriching our folklore by helping to make it known throughout the world, such as: the World Festival of L'Humanité in Paris, the International Festival of La Grande Motte, the International Festival of Saintes (France), the Havana Festival and Santiago de Cuba (Cuba), Festival of Mexico City, Puebla and Acapulco (Mexico), Festival of Zielona-Gora and Poznan (Poland), Festival of Assemini, Corropoli, Naples and Rome (Italy), Paul VI Auditorium and Plaza Peter's Festival (Vatican), Festivals of Tiberias, Nazareth and Beer-Sheva (Israel), Drummondville World Folklore Festival, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa (Canada), Waynesville Festival and North Carolina (United States), Festival of Naoussa. Aridea and Thessaloniki (Greece), Sidmouth Festival (England), Octodure Festival (Switzerland), Folklore Fiesta Festival (Puerto Rico).

Since 1986, Raíces de Aragón has been the organizing group together with the Zaragoza City Council of the EIFOLK. It has also organized and participated in all the editions of the Christmas Folkloric Festival and boasting the representation of our Autonomous Community, in practically all the cities and towns of Spain, highlighting the Aragón-Canarias Twinning Conference, acting on TVE in the program "Tenderete" , First Festival of Music and Traditional Arts of the Autonomies “Arraigo” held at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid. Among the most recent activities we will highlight the press and public award received at the Küçükçekmece Festival in Istanbul, (Turkey), diploma of honor at the Chongqing Popular Arts Festival (China), representative of Spain at the International Festivals of Plovdiv ( Bulgaria) European capital of culture 2019, at the Lent Festival (Slovenia) in 2022 and recently at the Karlovac Festival (Croatia)