Participating folk groups 2023


Les Folies began their work in 1998 with the recovery and establishment of the dances of Carcaixent, within its Patron Saint festivities through research in archives and in a field of work based on the recovery of oral memory, we have made known our songs, processional dances and popular dances typical of our region. Our samples are fresh, fun and strong, representing a wide and varied set of pieces that have in the schools of popular dances of the early nineteenth century in our region their starting point. Boleros, seguidillas, balls per al l'u, malagueñas, danzas and jotas make up the repertoire now recovered and formed by the seguidillas, the bolero Pla, the dance "per la de l'u", the bolero Llis and the dance of the Labradoras or school dances next to the Jota, the Malagueña, "Les Danses" and the Mazurca "de les mantellines" of popular air. Apart from the school and popular dances, our work has also focused on the recovery of processional dances: dance of sticks and plates, sword dance, mountain dance, pilgrim dance, mystery of Santa Barbara and dance of shepherds and shepherdesses. With a careful traditional Valencian clothing, especially linked to the nineteenth-century custom of the late nineteenth century, we have carried out performances throughout the Valencian geography as well as in the different communities of the Spanish state. . Our research work has also focused on the assembly of monographic exhibitions of antique clothing, traditional jewelry and silk production. All our work of folkloric recovery of Carcaixent encouraged us to the edition of a CD "De Carcaixent... i dolces", presented in a show at the "Magatzem de Ribera" of Carcaixent. All framed within a great show with a marked scenic design of the nineteenth century.

Among its latest representations in Valencia we highlight
CHRóMA | Show prior to the Exaltation of the Fallera Mayor of the City of Valencia
RETAULE | Commemorative show of the Centenary of the canonical Coronation of the Mare de Déu dels Desemparats.