Before completing and submitting the contact form, the Data Protection Act requires us to inform you about the way in which we process the data we receive through that form.

The data you send us via this form are:

Name: the one that you want to put and that is not necessarily the one that appears in the official documents that certify your identification.
Email address: the one that you provide us voluntarily for the sole purpose that we can respond to your query by means of an email and that, because of the above, is absolutely necessary.
Other data: Those that you voluntarily want to communicate to us including personal data that, of course, you also voluntarily communicate to us.

Processing of data received.

The data received through the following form remain on the email server to which they arrive and are not manipulated, transferred or sold to third parties in any case.

In turn, they are not stored on any other physical device other than those on which the applications that receive the emails are installed and which are conveniently protected by antivirus programs.

Nor are they used to contact the owner of the custodied e-mail address for absolutely nothing except in the case of a voluntary dialogue established by both parties, which involves sending and receiving e-mails to and from that e-mail address.

The e-mail server where the data is stored is a secure server.

The rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be exercised by writing to EIFOLK, 976 538 165, or to


If after reading these conditions you use the contact form to send us a message, we assume that you agree with the above.

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