Participating folk groups 2023


Baluarte Aragonés is a group located in Zaragoza, dating its date of creation in November of the year 1.977, by the popular boxing manager D. Martín Miranda Marques, being in front until mid-1.978, leaving it in the hands of the dancer and choreographer D. José Miguel Pamplona Angós and the latter and for reasons of his retirement in 2013 passes the direction to the dancer and choreographer Luis Enrique Langarita Andrés. It was constituted as a Cultural Association from June 23, 1.981.Imparting in its studies dance classes, both jota and ballet, music and singing; rising to approximately the number of one thousand students to whom they are taught. The work of this company is focused on several levels. The first of these is teaching young people, having a cast divided into several age groups. Then the performances in localities in parties, having for this purpose the folk groups "Aragón Vivo" and "Baluarte Aragonés" both of them dependent on this company whose components in the future will be part of the Aragonese Ballet "Baluarte". In the year 1.988 this Cultural Association is transformed into a Company or Professional Company whose artistic and technical cast is close to 140 people, all of them covered by the current tax laws. At the same time it is Aragonese Folkloric Ballet distinguished by the Diputación General de Aragón in: "Spring and Autumn Routes", "Music and Theater Campaigns" and for significant cases of this Diputación. Taking into account that in turn, this company has created its own Laudistic Orchestra with the name of "Orquesta de Laúdes Españoles" being one of the most distinguished by the DGA in the cultural program "Young Expression", is winner of the First Prize of Rondallas of the first contest of the A.C. Peña El cachirulo del año 1.996, He is also a participant and representative of Aragon in the "II Biennial of Music of Plectro" Villa de Madrid 1.997, 2.000, 2.002.

This company as it is in favor of all cultural areas, in the year 1.991 recovered the traditional theater company "Teatro de hoy", founded in 1.960 by D. Juan Salvador. In 1996 this company leaves its existence and gives way to co-production with Marianico el Corto in the creation of a new comic comedy company. The Aragonese Folkloric Ballet stages a different show every year, being the only Aragonese group to carry it out. In the years 1.998, 1999, 2.000. 2001 and 2002 is the theater company that more spectators have witnessed the different works that are presented in the Patron Saint Festivities of Our Lady of the Pillar in the month of October. At the same time he is a collaborator of the Compañía Lírica Española in its zarzuela seasons. Baluarte Aragonés is also the first Aragonese folk group that has made film shoots for cinema and commercial videos with "Aragón Canta y Baile al Mundo", "Pilar-93", ¿Quién fue la Dolores?, "Los amantes de Teruel", "Trasmoz y sus brujas", "Los Sitios 1.808", "Acordanza". All these and many other performances, galas, awards and reviews, are the result of the work of a group of people who every day try to achieve new goals for the benefit of Aragonese folklore.