Participating folk groups 2023


Founded in 1942 from the Group of Choirs and Dances of the Women's Section of Segovia, the Group of Dances "La Esteva" was established as a Cultural Association in 1987 and has focused its task on the recovery and research of the rich and varied Segovian folklore, with great artistic quality in the interpretation and staging. Its wide repertoire consists of about 60 dances and dances among which are jotas, seguidillas, corridos dances, wedding dances, parades, paloteo dances, ritual dances and procession dances.He has performed in numerous places in Spain, as well as in Algeria, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Puerto Rico, and many other countries. It organizes annually the Young Festival "Mariano San Romualdo 'Silverio'" since 2002 and the International Folk Festival "La Esteva" since 1987, being this partner adhered to CIOFF Spain. He also belongs to the Federation of Associations of Choirs and Dances of Spain (FACYDE) since 1988.

Dance Group
A large group of boys and girls of different ages, who combine studies or work with their love of dance and traditional culture, forms the dance corps. It has its own Dance School with more than 250 students. Being such a broad association has youth and children's groups that also show the rich folklore of Segovia.

Tradition and costumes
A special care of the costumes, which combines authenticity and eye-catching, allows to show a great color on stage and the great variety of popular attire of our province.

In addition to being accompanied by dulzaina and drum, the group has a vocal group that, with string instruments and percussion, interpret the pieces of the repertoire of traditional music of Segovia.