Participating folk groups 2021


The Logroño Dance Group has been a cultural institution of great folkloric importance throughout La Rioja since 1942. He is a pioneer of Riojan folklore and one of the oldest groups in the Spanish folklore scene, a founding member of F.E.A.F. and now a member of FACYDE. It was founded by Mrs. Nieves Sainz de Aja and today directed by D. José Ángel Bartolomé, there are currently more than 200 people in its sections: children, youth and adults.

The long trajectory of performances of the group over the years, specifically 76 years, make them innumerable. The Logroño Dance Group has reaped triumphs in America (Argentina, Brazil...), Europe (Italy, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland...) and Middle East (Baghdad, Amman, Damascus, Jerusalem, Bethlehem…)

On the one hand, there have been successes within our borders, such as: the Music and Dance Festivals of Granada, or the national and international competitions of Madrid, the Hispanic American Festival in Cáceres, International Festival of the Mediterranean in Murcia, European Marbella, the Festival of the Jota of Zaragoza, also the Festivals of Spain in an endless number of Spanish capitals and cities that their enumeration would be excessive, as well as the representation of La Rioja and Spain in FITUR and international fairs, Universal Exhibitions and Europalias in cities of our geography and around the world. On the other hand, there are many triumphs that the Logroño Dance Group has received as recognition for its work and work as a pioneer in the recovery of both regional costumes and the jotas and dances of our region.

We will end by saying that The Dance Group collaborates in the official events programmed both by the City Council of Logroño and by the Government of La Rioja.