Participating folk groups 2021


The group "Mali Gorzowiacy" was founded at the Gorzów Wielkopolski Youth Community Centre in 1981. Gorzów Wlkp is a Polish city that was created after World War II by Poles from different parts of the country. That is why The "Mali Gorzowiacy" presents the folklore from the union of these regions, including its characteristic elements such as: the dances, the songs, the costumes, the composition of instrumental bands, the screams and different dialects.

The school members, who are about 160 people, are mostly children and young people between the ages of 5 and 22 from local schools. The proffesional group consists of members aged between 16 and 22.

Likewise, Mali Gorzowiacy presents Polish National Dances which also have a special place in the history of our country. These dances emerged during the partition of Poland in the 19th century, becoming the symbol of Polish cultural independence and national spirit. Both the musical form and the dance are highly developed and form an inseparable integrity.

As for the orchestra, it is a very important part of the group. The main instruments used by the musicians: primitive violin, second violin, clarinet, trumpet, double bass, accordion included in the Polish folk bands after World War II. Finally, the folk costumes presented by the group are usually festive, ornate and fashionable outfits, which differ considerably from the simple everyday garments used at work.