Participating folk groups 2022


Ensemble "KridaBudaya" is associated with the Liga Mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia that was created in 1983 in the universities of Indonesia, it is mainly focused on preserving the traditional dances of Indonesia. For all members of Liga Tari Mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia Krida Budaya, dance is not just swinging, but it is a form of cultural communication that allows people to understand the culture itself. In addition, dance is a way of understanding the diversity of Indonesia. The group dedicates itself body and soul to and for the promotion of Indonesian culture, uniting with the Indonesian state in its efforts to preserve the tradition of many places and provinces, supporting the performing arts while providing a positive social environment through of educational programs and professional public performances helping young people navigate the difficult balance between contemporary youth culture and their cultural heritage, providing high-quality in-depth arts training and leadership development opportunity for young people who want and have qualities to dedicate themselves professionally to dance, where the body is a cultural treasure of our country.

Within the program we present the Nusantara Dance show "KELANA PANCA NUSA" describes the cultural diversity of 5 (five) ethnic groups and regions in Indonesia, Through this representation, Ensemble Krida Budaya presents 13 dances composed in two acts, the first dominated by the dynamic movements and dances of the Betawi culture, namely Selendang Dendang dance, Botoh dance, Rampak, Topeng Jingga, Tambeng, Butterfly Barong and Ujan Drizzle, while the second act consists of dance variations from various regions in Indonesia , such as the Maengket, Minahasa, Kembang Greges dance from Bali, Belian Lawangan and Belian Lawangan from Kalimantan, as well as the Sabalah and Piring Kembang dances from Minangkabau.

Through this cultural mission we would like to convey to the world how rich and beautiful is the traditional culture and folklore of Indonesia, which has a predominantly Malay origin, with the most differentiated ethnic groups being the Javanese and the Sundanese - who live, above all, in Java and Madura—, the Balinese, on the island of Bali, and the Bataks in Atjehnese, Sumatra.