Participating folk groups 2022


The Xacarandaina Traditional Music and Dance Group was born in 1978 together with the Association that bears the same name. The Group is a great reference in the culture of our country for its historical work in the recovery of our cultural heritage, being the maximum exponent of the ideals of conservation, dissemination and dignity of Galician folklore and wanting to place it in its rightful place. within the performing arts.

The Group's objective is the investigation of Galician folklore, and for this it travels through the different towns and villages of the country, carrying out very important field work, recovering music, dances, songs, instruments and native costumes. As a result of this work, the Association has compiled and assembled around 150 dances and as many musical pieces, always seeking the greatest purity and resemblance to reality in order to transmit our popular art.

Xacarandaina has staged numerous ethnographic shows throughout Galicia that have been praised by critics, the public and the media for their originality, quality and scenic rigor. These shows offer careful scenery and a wealth of costumes from all over Galicia and aim to be a sample of our folklore that encompasses all its aspects in its multiple manifestations.

He participated in numerous national and international competitions where he won numerous awards. A clear example is the prizes obtained in the Galician Folklore Festivals, in the T.V.E. "Youth" and "New People", or international awards such as the Popular Dances et Traditions Festival in Chateneuf du Faou, and the Zemplen Festival in Hungary, Festival Interceltique de Lorient (France)

The Xacarandaina Traditional Music and Dance Group continues to work as few entities of this nature can, with full continuity and maintaining the same essence since its inception, tireless work to maintain what is ours, our intangible cultural heritage that makes Galicia so rich.