Participating folk groups 2022


The Technik folk ensemble was founded in 1953 in Bratislava. Technik is one of the oldest ensembles in Slovakia defending the Slovak national heritage: music, songs and costumes, often influenced by many cultures, such as Hungarian, Czech, Polish or Romanian. Since its formation, the Technik folklore ensemble has participated in more than 3,000 performances at various folklore events, either in the country or abroad. Technik has participated representing Slovakia in Europe, America, and Asia, citing as an example the festivals of Orlando in Florida, Taiwan or Monterrey in Mexico.


The typical dances of Slovakia are connected above all to the townspeople, peasants, shepherds, craftsmen. The dances differ according to the regions but all are characterized by being danced in pairs and walking around.


The typical female dance in eastern Slovakia was the one danced in a circle (karička). Later dances from other countries were incorporated – mazurka, waltz, csárdas, polka. Ring dances were ceremonial and magical dances, performed by young girls. They were danced at spring ceremonies and at weddings, accompanied by singing.


The orchestra consists of violins, violas, timpani, double bass and singers, all united by admiration and respect for Slovak folklore, a beautiful heritage from our ancestors.


The Technik group is made up of 32 artists for its participation in the XXXI EIFOLK


The director of the group is Mrs. Lubica Mešková, the music leader is Mr. Michal Janosik.


The ensemble has so far edited and released 4 musical CDs, namely:


Dance Young Men (2018)

From album (2012)

As the youngsters dawdled Along (2009)

In our yard (2003)

under the directional and artistic supervision of Štefan Molota.