Participating folk groups 2021


The CAMERATA CERVANTINA, is a traditional music group fully consolidated in the national folk music scene. It has five albums edited: Ahora sí canto Yo (2007), El Zurrón que Cantaba (2010), the compilation: "Coplas a San Antón" (2011), edited by INTERFOLK accompanying its Nº 50, "La Mancha Invertebrada" (2015) and "Músicas Razonadas", presented in July 2018.

The basis for this proposal is none other than the desire to enhance traditional culture. For this, our objetive is the recovery and dissemination of intangible heritage, especially in musical matters, adapting and translating the most representative popular music and texts of La Mancha into an instrumental framework, with a chamber training, both vocal and scenic, in the context of traditional music. The work carried out in recent years has obtained its fruits, according to the different awards and recognitions received, including highlighting the "European Award of New Creation in Folklore Agapito Marazuela 2017". In 2018 the University of CLM honored us with the "QUEROTE 2018" as ambassadors of La Mancha, receiving in 2019 the trophy "HIDALGUIA".

Quite a lot of recognition in these years of baggage; although, we believe that our proposal can give for much more and we continue making traditional music and rescuing traditions with that intention.