Participating folk groups 2022


Group founded in 1986 in Andratx (Mallorca) by several people interested in popular culture and great connoisseurs of traditional dance and music. It is currently made up of around forty people including musicians and a dance corps. It is part of the Federation of Music and Ball of Mallorca and FACYDE.

... In music For the interpretation of Mallorcan folklore, the group makes use of the most traditional and popular instruments of Mallorca: the xeremia (bagpipe) and the flabiol (flute) as well as string instruments such as the bandurria, the violin or the guitar.

... In dance His repertoire is made up of boleros, jotas and fandangos. All these dances have their origin in the Bolera School of the 18th century and became popular in Mallorca at the beginning of the 19th century. The traditional Majorcan folk dance is governed by matriarchy. The woman directs the man interpreting and improvising the dance to her liking, in a kind of insinuation. He must follow her, imitating her movements without missing a beat or missing points. In Mallorca, dancing is a game, a game of sensuality.

... In clothing Lately the association works to dignify the traditional costume. The group, in its performances, has adopted the way of dressing of the Mallorcan popular class of the 19th century, both in work suits and in party suits. At this time, in men the wide pants stand out until the knees and in women, the tight doublet and the veil or "volant" with which they cover their heads.

... In teaching The dance is linked to the party and the celebration. For this reason, every year popular dance courses are organized in which children, young people and adults learn dance points to perform them later in a totally improvised way in any festive event.