Participating folk groups 2022


This Folk Group was born in 1992, and has been directed since then by Natividad Brivian Lacruz and Juan Fco. Labrador Alonso.

Since its creation, it has carried out extensive research work, working on the recovery of ancient songs and dances. In our repertoire we will find, together with melodies, songs and dances rescued from the Aragonese songbooks, music, lyrics and choreographies of our own creation, thus combining the traditional with the current, all accompanied by a rich and varied wardrobe faithful to the Aragonese regions where develops the action, thus carrying out an important task of disseminating our Aragonese folklore through a multitude of performances in different towns, inside and outside our Aragonese community, and doing important work through its School of Folklore, in which numerous people come to know and feel the most peculiar forms of our traditional Aragonese culture.

Since 1993, it has been collaborating with the Zaragoza City Council, participating in the programming of the Fiestas del Pilar; in 1994 she was selected to participate in the Cultural Campaign organized by the Aragón General Council in collaboration with the Teruel Provincial Council.

Between 2004 and 2010, it was commissioned by the Zaragoza City Council to program and coordinate the performances of the Aragonese folk groups during the Pilar Festival, from 2008 to 2011 carrying out the Technical Coordination of the Official Jota Contest and in 2008 on the occasion of the celebration of the Universal Exposition in Zaragoza, held the Technical Coordination of the performances of the Jota groups and their schools in the City Pavilion.

His discography has five recordings:

  -“Jota's Soul” (1994).

  -“In memory”, made by its director Natividad Brivian Lacruz (1997).

  -“Albadas, Jacks and Fandango” (1999).

  -“Aires de Albada”, commemorative album of our X Anniversary (2002).

  -“20 years - Airs of Albada” (2012).

He has participated representing Aragon and Spain in National and International Folklore Festivals.